6 Qualities to Expect From a Good Solicitor


If you are looking to hire someone to help you with buying or selling your home, it’s important to find someone you can trust and rely on. As someone who has dealt with solicitors in the past, I have identified 6 qualities that make them an excellent choice for your real estate needs. These include reliability, knowledge, organization, market access, personality, and efficiency. If you are considering hiring a solicitor in your area and want more information on how they compare, contact me today!

1) Knowledgeable

A good solicitor should have a thorough understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities in your particular situation. Ideally, they should also have an in-depth knowledge of any laws that are likely to affect you in your situation. You wouldn’t want to go with someone who says, I’m not sure what will happen if you don’t pay; I think it might be bad!

2) Professionalism

One of your biggest priorities when searching for any service provider should be reliability. Any business, large or small, needs an attorney who will treat them with respect and handle their case as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

You want to know that you can count on your solicitor—and in order to do so, it’s important that they can count on you too. A good solicitor will show up on time for meetings and calls, and keep you updated regularly on their progress.

3) Client-Focused

A good solicitor is always working on behalf of their client. They will go above and beyond to ensure they understand your wishes. You can expect great communication throughout every step of your experience with them. A good solicitor will focus on you and what’s best for you, not what’s best for their business or how many clients they can get in a day.

4) Trustworthy

A good solicitor should always be trustworthy. They need to be confident in their ability and honest about what they can or cannot do. A good solicitor will never make claims they cannot back up with demonstrable proof, and they should also never withhold important information from you out of fear of making you nervous. Trust is vital when dealing with legal issues – your solicitor should earn yours by being honest and upfront at all times.


5) Supportive

A good solicitor should not just be able to give you advice but should encourage you in all aspects of your case. You should be listened to with respect and empathy, no matter how minor or major your queries are. A good solicitor should have your best interests at heart and is always looking for ways they can help you, no matter how small.

6) Fair pricing structure

Your solicitor should be transparent with you regarding their fees. How they structure those fees is also important; many rely on fixed fees or hourly rates, and others are contingency-based, which means their cut of your settlement only goes up if you win. Fees for personal injury claims often vary depending on variables like severity and complexity of your case.