The One Silver Bullet For Your Law Firm Marketing: Focusing on the Client


How do you get new clients for your law firm? If you’re like most lawyers, you think it’s all about the great marketing campaign. You may have bought into the hype around social media, or maybe you’ve spent money on targeted advertising campaigns and direct mail to get new business.

Yet still, those phone calls don’t come in with any regularity. The truth of the matter is that effective law firm marketing hinges upon one thing – focusing on the client experience rather than on selling your services directly to potential clients.

What Is a Silver Bullet?

A silver bullet is a marketing strategy that solves all of your problems. A silver bullet will solve one issue and in turn, solve a large group of issues. It’s basically just a small piece of code or something similar that works around an issue and causes an immediate positive effect.

A silver bullet marketing strategy in law firms isn’t going to make all of your clients magically come to you but it can definitely start attracting new ones.

Why Clients Are Important

Clients are everything to your law firm. Without clients, you won’t have a business. That is why they should be your primary focus in marketing. Clients are not a resource or a list of names, they are people with real problems and real needs.

You know what those needs are because you met them when they walked through your door and introduced themselves as potential clients, but do you really know them? Do you really understand their hopes and dreams for their life?


When Clients Are More Than Just Clients

When marketing your law firm, it’s easy to get caught up in attracting new clients and assume that when they become clients they are now your biggest priority. However, there is a difference between people who are potential clients and real current or past clients.

Realizing what makes each different and how to treat them differently is crucial for any law firm trying to grow its business. By realizing that each group of people wants different things from you, it will allow you to market towards them appropriately and treat them differently as necessary.

What To Do Now

Focus on your client. As far as inbound marketing is concerned, it’s important to take a page from Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln said that if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he would spend the first four sharpening his axe.

It’s not enough to collect customers—you need a plan for how you are going to keep them around and what will make you different from your competitors. Answer these questions for yourself now: How do I acquire new clients? What are my retention tactics?